Must the water supply be on for a period to protect the element before I switch the heater on?   No, all Supakwik products have intelligent electronic controls to ensure the product cannot be 'dry fired'. The heater will not begin filling until the electrical supply has been switched on. Heating will not occur until such time as the element has been immerced in water.


Can I change the Power Saving Settings of the Supatap?    Yes, you can choose between full, reduced or switch the feature off entirely.


Can I change the Tap Safety settings of my Supatap?   Yes, have three options, Single lever safety, Dual lever safety or the Safety switched off. Consult the User Guide on how to change these settings.


Can I change the Power Saving feature of my Supaboil?    Yes, you can switch the feature off alltogether. Consult the User Guide on how to change these settings.


Can damage occur if the water supply to the heater is interupted?   All supakwik heaters have built in safety features for protection against this occurance. The Supatap and Supaboil will flash error codes on the LED display and the water in the vessel will progressively go cold. When services resume simply switch the product off and on again to resume normal operation.  The Kwikboil will remain at delivery temperature and if used until empty it is recommended that the heater be switched off if supply services are to remain off for a protracted period. (24hrs or longer)


On hot summer days I dont need boiling water, can I use my Supatap for chilled water only?    Yes, you can further reduce you power bill by simply placing the boiler lever in the back position. This will prevent the heater from operating alltogether. Simply bring the boil lever back to the off position to resume normal opperation.


Why is the Status LED illuminated Blue? On rare occations when I approach my Supatap, the Status LED is illuminated Blue and I can't deliver boiling water.  Your Supatap has a combination of patented motion detection and extremely high levels of intelligent self teaching logic designed to deliver minimum energy consumption. There could be times, outside of typical user routine, when you approach the product and it is in a power saving mode. During the very short time that the appliance recovers to operating temperature the status LED will illuminate blue an prevent the delivery of under temperature water.


Why is the Status LED flashing Red?  Your Supatap has self diagnostic ability. If the appliance detects an interupted water supply, a leak or faulty component, the Status LED will flash an error code. Certain errors, for example a corrected interupted water supply, can be corrected by switching the product of and on again. Where this does not correct the fault a service call will be necessary.


Why is the Status LED illuminated Violet?  Your Supatap knows when the filter is blocked or very near end of life and needs replacing. When this occurs, the Status LED will flash violet. The filter should be replaced. After fitting a new filter, the filter count must be reset, the user guide explains how to do this.






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