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This series introduced 'Power Management' and 'Supasilent Standby' to the industry at the turn of the century and has been specifically developed to suit the high demands of the multi shift commercial industry where boiling water is required 24/7.

The Power Management feature reduces power to the element as the water temperate approaches boiling, preventing the generation of steam, thereby reducing energy consumption.

During standby when the heater is not used, heatloss occurs reducing the temperature a few degrees, resulting in the water needing to be periodically re heated. Supakwik's Supasilent standby feature prevents this irritating noise of the water being periodically boiled. This is achieved by the control technology having the ability to react to minute temperature changes of the water, whereby the element is pulsed on for microseconds to maintain the water at delivery temperature.  This translates to boiling water being available at the precise temperature, on demand.






Model Selection Chart

This Model Selection Chart shows the quantity of cups a specific heater will deliver in a continuous draw off from full to empty, together with first hour delivery.

All models have a nominal recovery rate of 150 cups per hour (160ml cup). Therefore when considering a 020 model Kwikboil, the first hour delivery will be 20 cups + 150 cups = 170 cup. Similarly, when considering the 160 model Kwikboil, the first hour delivery will be 160 cups + 150 cups = 310 cups.

For detailed information on model seclection please refer to the Product Selection on the Products page of this web site.





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