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Choosing the right product

This website features various models and capacities for you to choose from. This page is designed to assist you in deciding which model and capacity is best suited to your application. If you need boiling water for making hot beverages, your first consideration in choosing the right product, is to consider where the unit will be installed. Will it be an above bench installation or an undersink installation. For above bench installs you have the choice of the Supaboil or Kwikboil range. For undersink installations you choice is one of the Supatap models.

For above bench office applications the sleeker design of the Supaboil with its patented motion detection energy saving technology, element power management and supasilent standby features, coupled with extended 2 year warranty period may be more suitable. 

For 24/7 applications as in lunchrooms, commercial kitchens or more budget conscious applications, the robust Kwikboil Series with standard features and 12 month warranty should be considered.


Choosing the right size unit.

Once you have chosen the product range, you will need to choose the correct size unit which best suits your requirements. A boiling water unit automatically replaces the water that is used. This replacement, however, is at a fixed rate of approximately 2 cups per minute. It is therefore possible to undersize an installation, resulting in the running out of boiling water.

To choose the correct size unit, you must firstly consider how many people will require boiling water at one time, and then secondly consider how often this will occur.


Office and small kitchen applications.

Generally in the small to medium office/kitchen application (5 – 25 people) the main consideration is the number of people that will require boiling water at the same time. The recovery rate of 2½ cups per minute (166 ml cup size) is generally quick enough to cater for repeat requirements.

To calculate your capacity requirements take the number of people requiring boiling water at one time then multiply this by 200ml (volume of 1 large cup). This will then give you the minimum boiling water storage requirement needed. For example:

A maximum of 17 people require boiling water at one time. We multiply 17 x 166ml = 2822ml or 2.82 Litres. Therefore, 2.82 litres of boiling water is the minimum required at one time. The correct capacity boiling water unit will be a 3 litre unit or our 20 cup unit.

Secondly, you need to consider how often these people will require boiling water. The 3 Litre unit will fully recover from empty in 7 minutes. Assuming this is satisfactory, then the 3 Litre unit will suffice.


Canteens, large kitchen or Office applications:

In these applications, delivery at one time must be catered for as above. You will also need to pay particular attention to repeat requirements.

For example, assume that your facility caters for arriving bus loads of tourists. 120 people require hot beverages at the same time. You therefore need 120 x 166ml = 19920ml or 19.92 litres. Our 25 litre unit would meet this requirement. However, this unit will recover at 2½ cups per minute and therefore take 1 hour before it could meet this full demand again. If you plan to cater for further arriving bus load of tourists inside the hour, you will require a further unit.

When sizing a product, it is worth noting that staff will often use boiling water to rinse cups or other kitchen utensils. If the results of your capacity calculations are equal to a specific model’s nominal capacity, it may be worth considering the next larger available capacity.



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