The Supatap Under Bench Series introduces patented Intelligent Power Saving technology.

The moment you leave the proximity, the Supataps motion detection starts saving you money by immediately entering power saving modes, thereby reducing energy level requirements.












Smart learning technology allows your appliance to teach itself how you use it. With this knowledge it then switches itself off at times you dont use it, be this late at night or over weekends. In the event you approach your Supatap in times when you would normally not use it, when in its sleep mode, it would automatically awake by detecting your presence and reheat the water to delivery temperature. These patented features deliver exceptional levels of energy saving.



Whether your requirements are for domestic or public use, Supakwik has made safety its number one priority by offering three modes of tap operation. Every tap has the ability of operating with three levels of safety. You simply choose the level of safety you require on the delivery of boiling water. This makes the Supatap ideal for installation in the home, schools, public applications, old age and dementia facilities.


For full details on the Supatap, please download the brochure.








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